It's not too late, help stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

A Dakota pipeline’s last stand

A Dakota pipeline’s last stand

In the Dakota language, the word “oahe” signifies “a place to stand on.”

And that’s what the Standing Rock Sioux and its allies in the environmental and activist movements say they are doing: using Lake Oahe in North Dakota as a place to take a stand by setting up camps and obstructing roads to block the controversial $3.7 billion Dakota Access pipeline.

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  • Jonathan November 28, 2016 at 3:20 pm

    Too long have The People been imprisoned by a crime we did not commit.
    Too long has our voice been kept silent, gagged by the inflicted pain of others.
    Too long have we been buried in the shadows. Our culture,
    Only a whisper on bleeding lips.
    Too long has the anger weighed heavy on The People
    Holding us down, clouding our thoughts, keeping us separate.
    Too long the pain of greed has kept us from the Truth of Humanity.

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